Bailin Deng


School of Computer Science and Informatics
Cardiff University
Queen's Buildings, 5 The Parade
Cardiff CF24 3AA
United Kingdom

Office: WX/2.06C
Phone: +44 (0)29 2087 4591
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I am a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. My primary research interest is in 3D geometry processing and its applications, including architectural geometry, digital fabrication, and human face modelling.

Previously, I worked as a lecturer in computer science at University of Hull between 2015 and 2017. From 2012 to 2015, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory at EPFL, working with Mark Pauly. I obtained my PhD in Technical Mathematics from Vienna University of Technology in 2011, under the supervision of Helmut Pottmann. I received my master degree in Computer Science and bachelor degree in Computer Software in 2008 and 2005 respectively, both from Tsinghua University.



Accelerating ADMM for Efficient Simulation and Optimization
J. Zhang*, Y. Peng*, W. Ouyang* and B. Deng (*joint first authors)
To appear in ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2019)
Parallel and Scalable Heat Methods for Geodesic Distance Computation
J. Tao, J. Zhang, B. Deng, Z. Fang, Y. Peng and Y. He
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
[paper] [code]
Robust RGB-D Face Recognition Using Attribute-Aware Loss
L. Jiang, J. Zhang and B. Deng
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
A Fast Numerical Solver for Local Barycentric Coordinates
J. Tao, B. Deng and J. Zhang
Computer Aided Geometric Design 70: 46-58 (GMP 2019, Best Paper Award)
Computational Design of Steady 3D Dissection Puzzles
K. Tang, P. Song, X. Wang, B. Deng, C.-W. Fu and L. Liu
Computer Graphics Forum 38(2): 291-303 (Errographics 2019)
Static/Dynamic Filtering for Mesh Geometry
J. Zhang, B. Deng, Y. Hong, Y. Peng, W. Qin and L. Liu
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 25(4): 1774-1787, 2019
[paper] [supplementary material] [code]
Ellipsoid Packing Structures on Freeform Surfaces
Q.-C. Xu, B. Deng and Y.-L. Yang
Computer Graphics Forum 37(7): 87-95 (Pacific Graphics 2018)
Anderson Acceleration for Geometry Optimization and Physics Simulation
Y. Peng, B. Deng, J. Zhang, F. Geng, W. Qin and L. Liu
ACM Trans. Graphics 37(4) (SIGGRAPH 2018)
[paper] [youtube] [code]
3D Face Reconstruction with Geometry Details from a Single Image
L. Jiang, J. Zhang, B. Deng, H. Li and L. Liu
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 27(10): 4756-4770, 2018
Deep Face Feature for Face Alignment
B. Jiang, J. Zhang, B. Deng, Y. Guo and L. Liu
arXiv: 1708.02721.
[paper] [youtube]
Encoding bamboo's nature for freeform structure design
T.-H. Wang, O. E. Trujillo, W.-S. Chang and B. Deng
International Journal of Architectural Computing 15(2): 169-182, 2017
CofiFab: Coarse-to-Fine Fabrication of Large 3D Objects
P. Song, B. Deng, Z. Wang, Z. Dong, W. Li, C.-W. Fu and L. Liu
ACM Trans. Graphics 35(4) (SIGGRAPH 2016)
[paper] [supplementary material] [youtube] [webpage]
Beyond Developable: Computational Design and Fabrication with Auxetic Materials
M. Konaković, K. Crane, B. Deng, S. Bouaziz, D. Piker and M. Pauly
ACM Trans. Graphics 35(4) (SIGGRAPH 2016)
[paper] [webpage]
Guided Mesh Normal Filtering
W. Zhang, B. Deng, J. Zhang, S. Bouaziz and L. Liu
Computer Graphics Forum 34(7) (Pacific Graphics 2015)
[paper] [supplementary material] [video] [youtube] [webpage] [code]
ShapeOp - A Robust and Extensible Geometric Modelling Paradigm
M. Deuss, A. H. Deleuran, S. Bouaziz, B. Deng, D. Piker and M. Pauly
In Modelling Behaviour, pp. 505-515, Springer International Publishing, 2015
Interactive Design Exploration for Constrained Meshes
B. Deng, S. Bouaziz, M. Deuss, A. Kaspar, Y. Schwartzburg and M. Pauly
Computer-Aided Design 61: 13-23, 2015
[paper] [video] [youtube]
Realtime deformation of constrained meshes using GPU
A. Kaspar and B. Deng
In GPU Computing and Applications, pp. 15-34. Springer Singapore, 2015
[paper] [video] [youtube]
Local Barycentric Coordinates
J. Zhang*, B. Deng*, Z. Liu, G. Patane, S. Bouaziz, K. Hormann and L. Liu  (*joint first authors)
ACM Trans. Graphics 33(6) (SIGGRAPH Asia 2014)
[paper] [supplementary materials] [video] [youtube] [webpage] [code]
Iso-level Tool Path Planning for Free-form Surfaces
Q. Zou, J. Zhang, B. Deng and J. Zhao
Computer-Aided Design 53: 117-125, 2014
Wire Mesh Design
A. Garg, A. Sageman-Furnas, B. Deng, Y. Yue, E. Grinspun, M. Pauly and M. Wardetzky
ACM Trans. Graphics 33(4) (SIGGRAPH 2014)
[paper] [video] [youtube] [fabrication video] [youtube (fabrication)]
Exploring local modifications for constrained meshes
B. Deng, S. Bouaziz, M. Deuss, J. Zhang, Y. Schwartzburg and M. Pauly
Computer Graphics Forum 32(2) (Eurographics 2013)
[paper] [video] [youtube] [webpage]
An algorithm to improve parameterizations of rational Bézier surfaces using rational bilinear reparameterization
Y.-J. Yang, W. Zeng, C.-L. Yang, B. Deng, X.-X. Meng and S. S. Lyengar
Computer-Aided Design 45(3): 628-638, 2013
G1 continuous approximate curves on NURBS surfaces
Y.-J. Yang, W. Zeng, C.-L. Yang, X.-X. Meng, J.-H. Yong and B. Deng
Computer-Aided Design 44(9): 824-834, 2012
Functional webs for freeform architecture
B. Deng, H. Pottmann and J. Wallner
Computer Graphics Forum 30(5) (Symposium on Geometry Processing 2011)
[paper] [webpage]
Tiling freeform shapes with straight panels: Algorithmic methods
J. Wallner, A. Schiftner, M. Kilian, S. Flöry, M. Höbinger, B. Deng, Q.-X. Huang and H. Pottmann
Proc. Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010
Geodesic Patterns
H. Pottmann, Q.-X. Huang, B. Deng, A. Schiftner, M. Kilian, L. Guibas and J. Wallner
ACM Trans. Graphics 29(4) (SIGGRAPH 2010)
[paper] [webpage]
Removing local irregularities of triangular meshes with highlight line models
J.-H. Yong, B. Deng, F. Cheng, B. Wang, K. Wu and H.-J. Gu
Science in China Series F: Information Sciences 52(3): 418-430, 2009


Special Curve Patterns for Freeform Architecture
B. Deng
PhD Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2011

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